PIP reconsideration


Just wondering if anyone has had success (or not) with a PIP reconsideration request?

I got my decision through yesterday and got standard rate for mobility, I honestly believe it should have been enhanced rate so have asked for a reconsideration.


I’m not sure how many people are successful with reconsiderations. It is relatively new for everybody to go through this stage and you are now able to add extra information which is better because the old “looking at again” was a bit of a time waster. I just wanted to emphasise that it is only the first step. If you are not successful at this stage then you can and must push on to an appeal. Many people are successful at appeals and it’s certainly worth taking the chance to stress your case. Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if your reconsideration is turned down your case must be hopeless - all those people who win had their reconsiderations denied too so it’s not the end of the road.

Good Luck


Hi, Wendell’s, Jane, gives great advice, so do appeal if they turn you down yeh?



I know 2 people who have asked for reconsideration, one who was successful after the reconsideration, they were awarded the higher rate of care instead of the standard, the awarded end date was the same also. The other had to go to a tribunal and they we’re successful and gained the higher mobility. The down side to that was that there original award was granted until 2017 but once they were successful at the tribunal it was agreed that this should be reviewed earlier in 2016.

Good luck and I hope your reconsideration is successful :slight_smile:

Polly x

Thank you very much for the excellent advice. I was told that someone will call me in the next 5 days to discuss it so I’ll be sitting next week watching the phone with my notes in my hand. Any bets they’ll phone just as I go to the loo!

My brother is a civil servant in the tribunal department and he told me that they had to bring in this reconsideration stage as they were having too many appeals to deal with. I only need 2 more points!

Thanks again and if I’m not successful with a reconsideration I will be appealing and contacting my MS nurse for support.


Hi Lorna can i ask you out of curiosity what your mobility is like and how it impacts your life? I think a lot of people are worried about going onto Pip. I am waiting i am on indefinite DLA. I have help with PAs from Direct Payments, i cant drive or go out on my own, and in pain as soon as I put my feet on the floor.

I use my wheelchairs, and mobility scooters to get about and my walking stick.

I use my mobility componant of DLA to for stuff to help me and pay taxis as well to take me out when i am on my own. I save it up to upgrade my mobility stuff and a few years back saved it to remodel my bathroom, take the bath out and put a walk in shower in. Just bought myself a new electric wheelchair…so my husband can take me out more as he cant push me in a conventenional wheelchair as he has COPD. I am now hoping to save it to put a stair lift in.

But looking at the requirements for PIP i would fail miserably…

Oh well i suppose what will be will be, next year I will just apply for attendance allowance to help me get out. But it must be a worry for younger people with MS, (younger then me lol).

Good luck hun. I think they do this hoping people simply wont bother. x


I’m in my late 30’s and now have SPMS my mobility has deteriorated terribly over the last 12mths. Never claimed before although I’ve had MS for approx 14yrs now. I decided to claim now as I’m really struggling and haven’t been able to work for the past few years. I use a walking stick or crutches, I have dropped foot in both my legs and severe spaciticity, my balance is poor. Years ago I used to look drunk when I walked and got that disapproving uncertain look from strangers, now with walking aids, the speed of a snail and my shoes scuffing along the floor I get the look of pity!

They said I can walk 20metres but no more than 50metres, Oh how I wish I could walk up to 50m, on a bad day getting round the house is a struggle. They also say I can plan a route and go on an unfamiliar journey without another person which is not true as I would always have my husband take me out to appts or somewhere new. I can drive my automatic car for short journeys but have lost my confidence in going out and it’s all too much of an effort most of the time. I luckily got my blue badge back in 2013. I do depend on my car for that little bit of independence I have left.

If you use a wheelchair/scooters you will get the full points for mobility I believe so don’t worry.

Lorna x

Its ridiculous isnt it, driving is not walking its like being in a mobility scooter. If I drove I would simply have to use my wheelchair to walk once i arrived at the shops.

I cant drive anymore anyway, even with an automatic. I would be dangerous lol…no actually they are investigating me for ~Transient Epileptic Amnesia and the neurologist i saw in the hospital recently said if i drove i would not be able to for a year after an attack.

One of the reasons i stopped driving Lorna was because I totally forgot where i had parked my car lol and thought it was stolen what a numpty.

I hope you get your PIP renewed. I would struggle without my money more so because i do use it to help me with my mobility, but i am older so i can claim other things next year.

I am sorry you are so unwell with your MS. Are you on any meds to help? Sending you big hugs and positives vibes. xxxx