PIP and Frampyra

So, a simple question, just not an easy answer

I have a private prescription for Fampyra each month, £190. I use my DLA to help pay for this.

When I get too the PIP application, what should I say?

If the DWP learn that I take them and it helps my walking ability I suspect they will use this as a reason for a lower rate decision.

If the DWP take away my higher rate I would struggle to afford the prescription and therefore my walking would be almost nothing.

Do i tell them? What do I tell them?

Any thoughts???


hi charlie

get statements from all your doctors, specialists and nurses.

also get expert advice on filling the form in.

carole x

You didn’t mention whether you are a wheelchair user with or without the medication.

Does this med affect the amount of care you need?


The PIP form is a social care and mobility needs analysis report. So, less about the actual medical condition, but more about how the condition affects your ability to performs daily living tasks or get from A to B. Basically - how dependent you are on carers. Thus evidence of care is essential.


Ask your GP or specialist nurse for a care plan, OT, physio reports are good to include, carers assessments, a letter from your GP on your care needs is also essential - you will have to pay for this - plus signed statements of care given by professional or informal carers and relatives, either paid or unpaid. All of these social care documents provide excellent evidence on how much help you get or need to manage daily tasks covered by PIP - this evidence must be included with your PIP form.

Ask the Citizen’s Advice for help.

Good luck!