Hi I have filled in my Pip form moving from Dla and I have received a letter from Capita telling me that they are writing to my Gp. Pip has only really started in N Ireland and I am unsure do they write to every Gp or do they pick out a certain few forms and write to them. When I asked my Gp before she had told me she wouldn’t give me a letter for Pip. Jenny

my gp doesn’t “do” letters and if they did there would be a charge.

capita need information and if they choose the gp, on their heads be it.

get support from an agency who deals with benefits, such as CAB Citizens Advice Bureau or Welfare Rights, you should have some equivalent in northern ireland.

now for the asking of the impossible - don’t get stressed!

if you get no joy, ask for a madatory reconsideration and put in an appeal.

ask the assessor for a copy of his or her report.

fight for your benefit!

i had to go to tribunal and i was sick with stress so i rang the lady from welfare right and she said i could ask for it to be done on the paperwork, i got my full benefit back!

carole x

The GPs are under government contract to write a Factual Report on you for the DWP. They get paid £33 for this.

Here is a copy of the template letter: PIP factual report form revealed

Here are the sections for GPs to complete: you could ask for a letter covering these points.

  1. Disabling conditions.
    Please list conditions or impairments which affect the patient’s functional ability.

  2. History of condition(s).
    Include details of any relevant special investigations.

  3. Symptoms and variability.
    This is especially helpful in conditions that fluctuate. It should be based on information in the clinical record. Include both day-to-day and longer-term fluctuations. Include the frequency and duration of exacerbations. Please also specify if the condition is well controlled.

  4. Relevant clinical findings.
    Entitlement is based on the impact of the individual’s impairment or health condition(s) on their everyday life. Please provide details of examination findings related to the severity or impact of any health conditions or impairments.

  5. Treatment – Current, planned, response and prognosis
    Please provide details of drug and non drug treatment and aids and appliances used (prescribed or, if known, non-prescribed). Please specify frequency of treatment and, for medication, dose as relevant.

  6. Effects of the disabling condition(s) on day to day life.
    If known, it would be helpful to have information on the patient’s ability to:

  • Manage their health conditions and treatment
  • Communicate
  • Walk or move around
  • Get somewhere on their own
  • Make simple decisions
  • Prepare, cook and eat food
  • Wash, bathe and use the toilet/ manage incontinence
  • Dress and undress

Only include information that has been confirmed by a health professional. Please state if this is not known.

  1. Does the patient have a history of threatening or violent behaviour?

  2. Could your patient travel to an assessment centre by public transport or taxi?

  3. Additional information

I got a ‘To whom it may concern’ letter from my GP - cost me £13 - and was worth it. It covered the key points of PIP

and the Factual Report [as above] as well as what help and care I get from others.

Also reports, Care Plans from your MS Nurse or Adult Social Care or a Social Worker are important for PIP.

Take care.


My Gp refused to give me a letter for Pip but I got a letter from my Ms nurse and I have a report from a social worker which I sent.Some of the people I know capita did not write to their Gps about their ms condition . Just waiting on a date for them to come out.

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Hi am from n.ireland recently made a first claim for pip never on dla before capita never contacted my gp but I did have a copy of my medical records so I supplied them copies of anything relevant I haven’t been diagnosed with ms yet but that didn’t matter as they said it’s not the condition it’s how things affect you. I had two people come out to my house for my assesment which was nerve wrecking but i have to admit they were excellent and I received enhanced on both components for 4 years

Their is a problem with the length of time with the award .Some people are only getting 2 years others are getting 10. A girl I know with primary progressive ms only got standard care and higher mobility.She phoned and asked them what the marks were for she can hardly walk. And she can not look after herself .While others I know got the 10 points for care and they did not need so much help

Yes and unfortunately every assesor is going to have a different view on how disabled they think you are and how long the award should last it’s all a bit of a lottery. I was lucky they didn’t contact my neurologist for more info as he is on long term sick for months now and that might have delayed my claim as I am stuck in limbo waiting for a new Neuro

I haven’t been changed over yet and after all the horrible story’s I am not looking forward to it. My GP came to seer today and told me to stop worrying because I won’t have a problem. I am still worried though.


Hi Don,

Prepare - PIP doesn’t have to be stressful.

The SAMPLE PIP form is here under:

PIP2: How your disability affects you (for reference only) (PDF, 296KB, 34 pages)

Start typing your answers to the questions ready for when your turn comes, and cut and stick them to the form.

You could use Google Docs so you always have a safe copy online.

You will also see where you need more social care evidence etc.,.


If you are under the same neuro as me he is coming back. I was talking to my Gp and he will be back soon I would try and hold on and wait till he comes back and not to change to a new neuro.

If you are under the same neuro as me he is coming back. I was talking to my Gp and he will be back soon I would try and hold on and wait till he comes back and not to change to a new neuro.

The descision was taken out of my hands I seen him privately and he reffered me to his nhs clinic at the royal for my follow up but because he was off the head of Neurology said I needed to be seen urgently so they reffered me to another ms specialist at the city hospital but the belfast trust cancelled the appointment and sent me back to altnagelvin which is my usual hospital but that was 8 months ago so much for being urgent


you don’t need help to get 10 points. AIDS for activities 1,2,4,5 & 6 would get 10 points which is standard rate for daily living without physical help.