Pins and needles everyday

Hello all,
I am Kim, age 31.
I am undiagnosed and I have only just contacted the doctor. I noticed my symptoms after having sepsis and Ards. In 2016 I developed sepsis through a kidney infection, I was in a induced coma. After my recovery I noticed I was getting pins and needles in my feet constantly every day and I just shrugged it off. Fast forward 5 years and my symptoms seem to be getting worse, I get pins and needles in my feet about 5 times a day, my hands suffer also. I noticed they are worse when I am walking or in the shower, I get cramp in my little toe, right side every time I am in the shower. I had a twitch in my left eye for days, thumb was twitching the other day. I have had some blurryness in my right eye the other night. Yesterday I had a vibrating buzzing in my private area. Today I had tingles in my back which I have had before. More recent symptoms I have been having lip numbness/tingling and my chin went numb the other day. Sorry if this is long. I have been avoiding going the doctors because I thought it is only pins and needles but it is everyday and it is starting to effect me. I have been tripping up but assumed that is me being clumsy. Are these common signs of ms? I am more concerned about the pins and needles every day. Thank you.

Hello Kim, I hope your GP will refer you to a neurologist so that you get some answers and to ease the symptoms. Thinking of you. (((HUGS))) Maz

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Update: I had blood tests taken, negative for diabetes, thyroid, hypothyroidism ect, doctor has prescribed me with folic acid tablets, my folate came back low. B-12 deficiency. Has anybody been through similar? Doctor says if I am still getting the tingling after a month on folic acid then route to neuropathy.