Hi Just had a physio assessment done today after work.I was told my hip has come out of aligment?He checked all my reflexes,my left side scored 10 out of 10,my right side scored 3 out of 10.He got me standing on one leg(wrong move)and i fell.Thank god he caught me.I had to stand with my eyes closed,wobbled all over the place.Also had to walko up and down stairs,that was hard.He also told me when i walk,im not picking my right foot up,i said to him thats hard cos i carnt feel the dam thing.

I have to do exercises 1 aday,for 5 mins.And see him agin in 2 weeks.By the time i came out of there,my balance was gone,i strugged to get on the bus,i feel 80,and im only 49.Thank god i dont have to work i can rest.

kim x

If you stick to the exercises there is every chance that your condition will improve, but it needs to be a daily commitment to maintain any benefit. It should get easier over time, honest.

I find ldn helps with most PPMS symptoms and has significantly slowed progression. You can read some reliable information at

Also, a FES can be very effective at dealing with dropped foot and worth checking out to see if you are a suitable candidate.

Enjoy your new routine.

Hey Kim,

I have similar problems with my left leg. We could get together and do a three legged race!

Jen x

(Sitting at my laptop doing foot rotations and pulling toes up to ceiling.)


I’ve got drop foot, I bought a MuSmate a couple of years ago. Does not cure the problem but does give you back ability to walk and climb stairs.AND it rdeuces chances of falls because foot dragged along floor/pavement etc

Could not survive without it. Read article on my website

Good luck