Drop Foot

Hi All

Ive had a drop foot which came on suddenly back in April which resulted im complete paralysis of my foot, no numbness I just couldnt move it at all or my toes scary!!.....Neurologist suspect MS so am in limbo currently!......just wondering if anyone else had drop foot that got better ( mine has quite a bit have  no problems moving it now at all!) it is still weak tho and still walking with a limp and have a bit of weakness and shaking in that leg.......have had 5 day course of steriods finished them last week-end but dont think Ive saw much improvement to my walking just wondering if anyone can tell me if it gets better or will it always be like this......or does physio work its hard when you dont know who to ask for advice.


Thanks Emma

Hi Emma

I also have drop foot and i use a FES (Functional Electrical stimulation)

Mine first occured about 5 years ago and I have found that it has not got any worse.

The FES has been great and helps me keep my independence and I feel a bid difference when I am not wearing.

This is provided by the Odstock hospital in Salisbury and you will need to get referred by your GP.

Depending on where you live will depend on whether you will pay or get it free

Hope this helps