Hi all, Just back from my third week of physio at my local community Hospital. They have a brilliant Nero department. First week I was assessed And given two croutches which is so much better than my stick. I’ve been given exercises to do at home and am trying to do them daily but sometimes to fatigued! This week had a go on the steeper, that was hard work! But I feel so much better when I come out almost got a spring in my step if you can when walking with croutches! I would recommend physio for anyone with walking difficulties ask you MS nurse to refer you only wish I had earlier! Chris

Hi Chris, yes it really helps! I had it last year and it continues to help. Improved my walking and balance but also improved my confidence.

Since then I make myself go for little walk everyday… sometimes just along corridors where I live… but it keep the old legs going. Use it or lose it! (although as I write that I am aware that some people can’t ‘use it’ at all so realise I am lucky to still have use of my legs… and that ‘losing it’ is not anyone’s fault).

Glad it’s working well for you,

Pat x