Photo on profile

On this forum how do you upload a photo to your profile, people have but I can’t see how???

Go to your profile, then select edit. There should be a section marked ‘avatar’ and you should see an option to upload a picture.

As I have a photo I can’t see all the details but it was straightforward. The hardest part was making my photo small enough!

Hope this helps!

You can use Microsoft Paint program if your on windoze to resize image to 80 x 80

Win 7 click Programs the accessories then click Paint.

Easy video here

Thanks, will try, I put photo on forum with a bit of help, but could not see how on this site.


After you login to the site as normal, choose:

My Homepage > My Profile …then the tab marked ‘Edit’ > tab marked ‘Profile’ …then under ‘Avatar’ you get the option to

upload a picture.

Your intended image needs to be a maximum of 80 x 80 pixels and no bigger than 400Kb in size.

Good luck !!