Changing Picture on Profile


Hope you will be able to help me.

I have spent the last week trying to change my picture on my profile. When I edit the profile and select remove next to the picture I can’t work out how to get another picture in its place.

Thank you so mich for any help you can offer. I’m sorry for being so silly and not being able to work it out myself.

Have a good weekend.

Shazzie xx

I am still having terrible trouble trying to change the picture. Perhaps there is no way of doing this so I think I will give up.

Take care

Shazzie x

Go to your Profile > Edit your profile > Remove avatar > browse > select picture and Save.

Hope that worked!



Thanks Val.

I have tried this and it won’t allow us to upload it as it says the size isn’t right (80 x 80 pixel).

Sorry to be a nuisance but I will keep trying different pictures til it works.


Hi Shazzie, Have pm’d you.