Restoring Avatars

Restoring an avatar.

Bropg64 asked the question, and it looks like a lot of others have had the same problem.
The stupid thing (take note webteam) is that the option to go to your personal page has vanished as well.
So, here is a “how to do it”.

Check the size of your avatar image is exactly 80 pixels by 80 pixels.
Save this in a folder where you can find it easily.
Go to a post you have made and click on your own name.
Now you can click on Personal Profile
The very first item is a box you can click on to browse for your avatar.
Click on your avatar file and then on the box at the bottom marked Open.
Now go to the bottom of the Personal Profile page and save it.
The avatar will now work.

I took the opportunity to go back to an old one (well I have had the one that Vince A created for me for quite a while) and will probably change again - if the forum ever gets sorted out. It really is a shame - this was easily the best of the MS fora, before someone decided that it could be “improved”. Obviously they have never heard of Unintended Consequences.


Homepage is in the drop down where you name is!!!

You are right.

My point is that the dear people who have been reworking the forum changed a whole load of things round, It is rather a shame that they could not manage to include a spellcheck facility at the same time. That would have been some use.

Thanks for the tutorial Geoff


How do you do 80pixels if you only do this forum from iPhone? Never had avatar, is it possible??

Went to fill in profil. Where from, no option for Essex so now from Kent ? And date dx only went up to 2000? So I’m 1901, lol feel that old

The option for Essex is there if you set your location as “England” then “East”. Agree about the dx date, it seems no-one can be dx’d after 2000.


Never tried to do photo editing on a smartphone - to small for my old eyes. Would not even try to do it on a tablet (although I do have an app installed). If you are interested, you can mail me an image, I can resize it and mail it back - send me a PM if you want to try this.


So very true and how sad to see a lot names have vanished forever after all the changes. At least some of us have exchanged e-mail adds when we could see which way the wind was blowing.

It would still be nice to contact some of the people who have been sucha help to us and have now gone out of our lives forever.

Thank you for the avatar instructions, Geoff. If I am now a long-haired goat again, I will have managed to follow them successfully.


Thanks Neil, I put south east rather than east, which I would have thought was right, what do I know, iv only thought Essex was in the southeast not east for 57years, 27 if an attractive lady reading this. Lol.

You have to be joking, having to manually resize pictures went out with the arc.

Oh really, Paul.

Show me where I suggested manually resizing avatars. When you have failed to do that, you could try reading the instructions on your home page under “My public profile”. To save you the trouble of navigating there, I quote:
Images must be exactly 80x80 pixels. Maximum file size: 400 KB

There is, of course, a problem with automatic image resizing - until you have tried it, you do not have a clue as to the underlying algorithm. Yes, I did have one image editing package that was set up for auto resizing - specifically to meet the requirements of my Camera Club for projected images in competition. This was only used after I was satisfied with the cropped image, since I knew it would do no further cropping. Other club members preferred to do it a different way - which happened to involve a degree of manual manipulation.

Now, where is your avatar?