how do you get one easy instructions plz.


I need to know too, please…extra simple for me please!

luv Pollx

Hi,first of all go to my hompage then my profile,then get your grandchildren to do it.

Hope You get there soon.

Take Care.


Two easy options:

  1. Search “avatar” on google and pick one you like from the loads of websites that do them and follow the instructions.

  2. Pick a nice photo you like. If it isn’t already saved on your computer, save it to somewhere on your computer you can find easily. It will probably be too large a file for the forum system, so go to the website http://www.shrinkpictures.com/create-avatar/ and “choose file” (by clicking on the photo, wherever it is you’ve saved it) and put 120 into the “avatar size”. (120 usually works, but be prepared to have to redo this with a different number.) The website will give you three options: choose the one you like and click on download. Save a copy of the download to somewhere easy to find on your computer.

THEN, go into the My Profile bit of the MSS site and upload the photo /avatar that you’ve saved on your computer.

Done :slight_smile:

Karen x