Phone call from doctor's (happy ending)

Just had a call from the doctor’s surgery. Not waiting for any test results or anything, but got that usual heartsink feeling of “Oh no, what now?” It’s not normally good news to get an unsolicited call from the surgery, is it? But it was! Nothing to do with my health. On my last visit, several months ago, I’d entered a charity “Guess my name” competition for a cuddly bear - which I then forgot all about (as you do). Apparently I had picked the right name, and the bear is mine. They’re going to keep him safe for me until I go up for my flu’ jab next month. Apparently, his name was (and still is) Dornock. Can’t imagine why I chose that, as it doesn’t sound like a name I’d usually gravitate towards - but must have had divine inspiration, as it was right. So I’m now the owner of a cuddly bear - with glasses - as it was for the RNIB. :sunglasses: Tina

well done thats fab enjoy his when you get him. never heard of that name but well done for picking right one xxx caz

Hi Caz, It’s only a small thing, but it’s nice to get a morale boost sometimes, isn’t it? I’m so used to thinking bad stuff’s going to happen - I suppose I’ve got the MS to blame for that. I don’t expect anyone would ever think of buying me a teddy bear, at my age, but I’m not too old yet. :wink: It was so long ago, I can’t really remember what he looks like, but I think he was a really nice one. And not so huge I won’t be able to get him home. T. x

yes its lovely youve won him. your never too old for teddies xx give him a hug from me when you get him x caz

Well done Caz!!! That little bear was destined to be yours… as such a strange name and how could anyone ever have guessed it!!! You must be psychic ( or as one of my neighbours says 'you must be psychedelic… :lol: ) Pat xx

Oh sorry it was Tina not Caz. Get so confused on here!!! :evil:

That’s great Tina, it’s lovely to hear something nice has happened for you. Jaycie x

Hi Tina, well done. The name Dornock will always mean something a bit funny to me. When I was working (eons ago now), I ordered some maps from OS and was sent maps of Dornock, instead of the ones I wanted…(South Pennines) in a mix up at the order offices. It was only then I wanted to know whre Dornock is…Scotland! Hope you and Mr Dornock will have a long and happy friendship! luv Pollx

Thanks Poll! I thought it might be a place. And I had a feeling the bear was Scottish. He wasn’t wearing a kilt or anything, so no clue from the appearance. But lots of people had gone for regular names like “Dave” or “Tom”. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be one of those, although I can’t remember why I chose “Dornock”, in particular. I think quite a lot of the names were already taken, so it was one of the few left that was a bit unusual. It’s nice that not every call from the doctor’s is something to be scared of. T. x

Well done Tina, I think Dornock wanted to be with you in that you guessed his name, such an unusual name that it is for a teddy. I hope you have good times together. xx Maria

Awe thats a lovely surprise. Well done you, youll titter every time you look at him, see luck does follow you when you least expect it. Congrats. bren xx :smiley: