wrong number?

Well gerra load o` this!

Just took a call and this is how it went;


caller…Is that Rachel?

Me…No, what number do you want?

Caller…Blah blah blah

Me…No, nothing like our number, sorry

Caller, Oh okay.

Me…Is that Mr Bryans secretary?`


Me…Ive been trying to get hold of you, and so has my GP`

Caller.Are you Pauline xxxx?

Me…Yes! Are you trying to call about me?


Well isnt that weird? What made me twig that the call could be about me?

Anyway, I told her all about the situation and she said my GP knows the protocol and shouldnt be telling me to ring to ask to see a specialist. The GP should be writing to inform him of my problems following the surgery. She also said that as my GP knows how much pain I am in, she has the power to admit me.

So why hasnt this happened I wonder?

Secretary is ringing my GP to tell her to write to the uro.

Tell ya, eh? Never let the left hand etc etc…

Now I am waiting for the next instalment.


How wierd and how rubbish its almost like a comedy act , i hope they get you sorted asap thats when theyve sorted their lefts and rights out lol :slight_smile:

This could be a comedy sketch Poll, but don’t it make you wonder.

Pam x