Personal budgets do you have one, want one or having problems with one?

Hello everyone x hope that you are all as well as you can be.

just thought id put this up as really interested to hear of your veiws on the newish social services personal budgets.

ive been set up with one now but took a long time to sort it out with the social serrvices and had lopts of trouble with them.

but now im given so much per week to use onh things which have been agreed with my social worker in my care plan. ( any of this sound alien to any of you just feel free to ask about it as it did to me too at first)

with it i wanted a better quality of life and to use it for options i wouldnt have had without it.

like… getting my first passport , going out on day trips, paying for my gym sessions,. camera and equipment , short breaks ect so it really is nice to be able to do this as i cant pay for an of it myself and has helped me lots so far.

so thats my story, now tell me yours if you have one, would like one, never gheard of personal budgets, having problems with yours or not getting what youd like.

there are lots of things to iron out on them and i know people who should be tiold about them and could get one arnt so i want to help and see how it is for any of you. thankyou take care and im looking forward to reading your replys x caz



They have just started trialing it in the trust I work for. Nice to see some positive feedback about it. I think only a few people took up the offer of trailing it and the thoughts so far are good. I think its a great idea. I know when I get to the stage that I need help I would want as much imput into my care as possible. And I think this will give us all more contol and say in our care.

hi lollypop

yes it is good but hard to get set up id be stuck now if didnt have it as i had to just make do with the help the social services gave.

even if you dont have care needs you maybe able to argue for a better quality of life i for one didnt get out of the flat so didnt have one. they still havnt provided enough money so that im able to get my own pa. but the agency im with i have found two carers who have become more like friends now so thats good.,

it took years to get there mind but is good you can use it for needs which are personal to you.

take care x lov caz


I was assessed for a care plan and was told that I had “qualified” for 7hrs care a week, a regular session with a foot specialist and £1000.00 for respite care. I was absolutely over the moon and thought that all my Christmases had come at once. Then they told me that because I have the middle rate care element of DLA and a disability element in my Income support I would have to pay just under £77.00 a week towards it!!!

Obviously I could not afford it! I have two children and am all on my own with no family close by. It felt like a real kick in the teeth :((

If anyone has any advice I would really welcome it?

Echo :frowning: x

Hi, I don’t really know anything about this but echo echo, I can’t believe they asked you to pay £77 a week for7 hours care. You could access this cheaper yourself on the open market. Minimum wage is £6.08 an hour so even paying nearly a 50% premium to this at £9 an hour that would work out at £63 a week, and you would probably be cheaper than this! With the saving you could pay the £1000 respite yourself and still be no worse off. I recently employed a cleaner for our scout hut at a premium to the minimum wage of £7.50 an hour, just cos we needed to get someone who would stay in the job, hopefully! Am I missing something, sounds illogical and a great big con. Cheryl:)