social services

Hi gang!

Had an invite to a meeting organised by our local Social Services.

its about what they call a Fairer Charging Policy`.

Now what thisll mean to yours truly is a very scary thing.

Currently I get (fully paid by them), 16.75 hours a week, plus 1 sleepover.

My hubby struggled on to care for me with no help, for 11 years. We were both frazzled and tempers were lost, tears flowed and bruises appeared…no, I wasnt beaten, just got them when hubbys raging RA caused him to drop me or handle me too harshly.

I am worried silly that they`ll want me to contribute or cut my care.

we have a minus bank balance, due to the fact that we`ve spent around 30k of our own money, buying equipment, adapting campervans, and altering the house to suit. it is an ongoing expense, as I continue to deteriorate and stuff gets damaged or worn out and needs replacing.

The meeting is next Thursday…watch this space…

has anyone else got one of these meetings coming up?

luv Pollx