Help Needed Personal Budgets

Hi, Today I have received my Indicative Budget amount £10,500. My social worker told me I would need an hour of care in the morning, the same at night and half an hour at lunchtime. She also advised me before she went to panel to get the amount set that it would be enough for me and a carer to have one night a month in a hotel asI did not socialize or go out at all. I have broken down this budget and it equates to £201 per week which going by what the local care agencies charge anything betwenn £12-14.50 this is not going to quite cover my care for the basic 2.5 hours a day never mind the socialising. What should I do?


Sorry I dont know anything about them but Poll is probably your best bet.




The only thing I can think is to get a private carer rather than through an agency, as you could pay less. But you’re probably best speaking to your social worker to see what she says.

Hope you get the support you need.


does seem alot to pay when you look at what carers get paid in wages. many are just over the mininum wage.

you social worker may know how to get things sorted for you.

Hi, I know nothing about personal budgets but £12 - £14.50 an hour sounds rather expensive to me, I think Dan has a good suggestion with a private carer, do the agencies you mention take a cut themselves? I wonder, do you get the money to do with as you please, if you do, you could just employ someone. 2.5 hours a day is 17.5 hours a week, assuming £10 an hour, a significant premium to the minimum wage that would be £175 a week. You say £201 a week so £201 - £175 = £26 a week left over, £26 a week over 4 weeks is £104 , which should pay for a night in a hotel, depending on where you go and where you stay. I suppose you could save up over a couple of months to spend a night in a fancier hotel every 2 months. Cheryl:-)