Personal budgets for social care

Hi there. My sister has MS and is in a wheelchair but is still able to work. She has carers in twice a day currently to get her up and help her get into bed in the evening. She stopped using local authority care as she found they didn’t reliably come early enough for her to start work.

My understanding from reading around is that if her savings were under £23500 she could get a new social care assessment and get a personal budget which she could then spend continuing her private social care. Can anyone confirm that this is correct? And if so, do the amounts offered usually fall far short of payments she’d have to make to a company like bluebird?

Any experiences here would be really helpful!

Hi, I have private carers, as I have used agencies and dont like them.

Social services assessed me and I have 30 hours, plus 2 waking nights per week.

I pay £100 a week towards it. I have no savings. They take PIP into account. I own my house.


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