peristeen users does it make anyone else wee loads

Hi recently started peristeen it helps bowel but is affecting my bladder ten minutes after i use it i wee loads snd its clear water then keep needing a wee all day…its driving me nuts as now housrbound due to bladder dont know what to do grrrrrr

Oh that sounds strange. I don’t get that at all when I use it. Sounds like you should call the care line or your continence nurse. Good luck x


Have you had your bladder scanned? I have to ISC as I don’t empty my bladder properly and if I don’t ISC before I use Peristeen I often wee lots as the peristeen is puting pressure on my ‘non empty’ bladder. It might be that alongside the ‘bowel’ problems you are also retaining urine and then this happens? I have frequency as well as retaining-oh the joys of MS-but botox helps with the frequency and ISC is good for the retaining. Maybe you should contact your continence service and they might be able to help. Unfortunately I think bowels and bladder sometimes go hand in hand but if you can get it sorted early it becomes second nature. Don’t leave it if you are weeing all the time as you might have an infection and if not it might be an emptying issue.

Good luck.


Whats isc? on vesicare for bladder…its weird did peristeen half hour ago i now will go wee for ages…its horrid bladder and bowels…how long have you used peristeen? just over a week today retained loads…im using 1000 ml maybe too much…been working great not good today and yesyerday not much out…retained loads and in pain x

isc = intermittant self catheterisation


hi, Ill ask spacejacket to send a pm to you. Shes an expert on persiteen.


A full bowel does push against the bladder and restrict its flow. Once the bowel is ‘released’ it does cause the bladder to make up for lost time and its wee wee wee. lf its not one darn thing its another. l should hope that after a couple of weeks using the Peristeen -and your bowel has emptied completely -things should start to calm down. l have a SPC - and l know how you do get a flow from bladder after your bowels have emptied. Without the SPC - l would be in trouble. Never get to the loo in time.

Now MrBobBowen - did post about a new med for bladder control. Poll googled it -and so did l - lt looks good - as it works it a different way from all the old meds. And hopefully, will not have the same side-effects as the old ones do. Forgotten the name now - so will look up last weeks posts. He did say he was going to be prescibed it - so is still waiting for GP to write the script.

l take D-Mannose - to help keep my bladder healthy. lt really works. Recommended it to a pal who is forever getting uti’s.[not ms] And most of the anti-biotics she can’t take as they contain E numbersand artificial sweeteners that she is allergic to. She is over the moon - now she feels so much better.

lf l can think of anything else to help - l will let you know.

The bladder med is called Betmiga/Mirabegron - they always have more then one name. Google it - very interesting.

I have urine flooding out of me every 3 months and I mean constant rivers of it. I think water from peristeen doesn’t come out and my bowels are blocked with water stuck behind it and is it pushing on a vital bits of organs? Once poo starts to shift the water, now wee, just pours out and I get a water infection with it. I’ve never met a health worker who is at all interested in this.