peristeen help needed..water bursting out

Hi new peristeen user…got to use it everyday…yesterday was good it worked…today got water in but it just burst out around the balloon…kept trying same thing just bursts out …couldnt retain it it just bursts out around the balloon…tried pumping balloon to max no difference What am i doing wrong? Thankyou

Was just water that came out…not good when balloon up your bum lol


I’ve had a few occasions when Peristeen hasn’t worked as I expected. The best thing I found was to start again from the beginning. Undo the tubes, empty the unit, put the dial to red and then start all over. Once I had connected the tubes wrong and another time I had been putting the dial round the wrong way etc so things weren’t going well. If you keep running into problems contact your Peristeen rep, also the bladder and bowel foundation sometimes has stuff about Peristeen on their forum so you could check there.

I hope you manage to get it to work next time as it really is worth continuing with, it can be so so helpful. I think it took me a good few months to get used to it, so don’t get disheartened, now-two years on, it’s quick but sometimes I get over confident and do something silly!!

Good luck.


I am fairly new to the peristeen as well and having the same problems… I spoke to a rep and they reckon i could be over inflating the balloon, or that i’m having internal spasms which make it pop out!!! they suggested not pumping the balloon up so much, which i tried and it still popped out. Not ready to give up yet tho x

Jac x

Make sure the water is hot enough - and try not to put too much air in as the balloon can burst. l always hold the ‘catheter’ in all the time - and push it in as far as you can. Holding it in place all the time is the best way - l find.

Better luck next time.

I just want it to be my miracle as so fed up of the agony my bowels give me worse than anything else …you would think by now be a miracle drug out there for bowels…can but wish

I have been using this device for nearly 2yrs and I also have the same problem from time to time, I just undo and restart - I am also in agony with my bowels I am so fed up at present as everyday is just too much but then if I leave it, I nearly end up with an impacted bowel - my peristeen used to be a god send but now I dread it - but don’t know what is the next step apart from stoma - good luck from someone’s who knows it pain.

Oh dear. Sounds like Peristeen takes some getting used to.

I have bowel problems from time to time.

But I am going well at the mo.

For breakfast I have 1 movicol, a large bowl of bran flakes with fruit and a glass of prune juice…plus I drink lots of water throughout the day.

I try to go after brekkie and after tea. But quite often, the latter doesnt always want to wait.

I cant rush too much or my spc gets pulled…oooh, not nice!

I did ask my GP about Peristeen and she was dead against it. But I know it can be got without a GPs involment.

When my regular routine fails to bring about a satisfactory result, I take an extra movi or 2!

I hope everyone who uses it, gets on better/well with it. Bladder and bowels rule all too often, eh?