Peristeen again... HELP

Hello everyone. I need some help/advice on using Peristeen, it’s hard to explain without saying it in graphic details, so don’t read if this might be the wrong thing to write.

So if you’re still reading I will try and explain. All of you who use Peristeen will know what I am writing about.

I set up my Peristeen by filling the bag with body temperature water, attach the grey tube to the controller then the blue ended tube to the blue outlet on the controller and the other end to the catheter and pump some water to soak the catheter, waiting for the catheter to get ‘slipery’. After this I insert the catheter in my ‘****’ and turn the control to the inflate the baloon. Then turn the control to the water symbol and slowly pump water from the bag into my bowel. Then I have problems, as I am pumping the water bag starts to inflate and almost reaches bursting point, I dare not go any further, it’s the last thing I need to have the wqater bag explode and ‘flood’ the floor.

Does the bag always inflate or am I doing something wrong ? I’m sure it never used to do that. I used the control in the correct way i.e. blue inflate balloon, water symbol to pump water into the bowel, then green symbol to deflate the balloon and let everything out.

Any help, I have 2 water bags, 2 controls and 2 sets of tubes. I have tried them both and the same thing happens, so I think it must be me. So and advice would help me tremendously. Does the water bag always inflate when pumping the water into the bowel?

Thanks for reading this and hopefully explain what it could be, maybe I am a Numpty and doing something wrong.

hi billy

yes it inflates-dont worry. dont know why.

ellie x

oh-and couple of other things i found!

seems to work better just above body temp. and if water bag is in sink rather than floor that helps too.

e x

Hi Billy

The bag does inflate, this is normal.