Pelvic Floor and pregnacy


I’m loolking for advice, i am planning on being pregnant in the near future but have a few worries about the reduced feeling i get in my “saddle” area.

I haven’t been able to do my pelvic folor exercises for a long time due to not being able to feel them.

Is this really going to effect my pregnancy, and has anyone got any advice or guidance that will help.

Is this just me or has anyone else this problem


Hiya L

I have 4 kids-all born before I knew anything about MS.

I had the Mirena coil replaced 2 weeks ago and didnt feel a thing-apparently its usually sore!

I have no idea what my pelvic floor is doing-but after 4 kids and no dribbling and whatever else pelvic floor issues bring then I can only assume thats because I excercise them whenever possible. The very man that you are intending to get pregnant with will be the tester of your pelvic floor muscles! Dont get hung up about it-my fella is glad to be involved in some useful MS research! LOL

I suspect that the natural ‘wants’ of the body during labour will take over and there will be no issues-its certainly something that I cant imagine you being able to halt or have any great control over. Hopefully someone who had been pregnant with MS will be able to reassure you better than me.

Good luck with the pregnancy and your new ‘research’

Ellie x

Hi L,

Don’t know if this will help, but I had something called a pelvic floor educator. It is a small plastic device with a little flag on the end, (yes you do look completely stupid when it is inserted, he he!), but if you are contracting the correct muscles it dips up and down so you know you are working the pelvic floor! It feels odd to start with, but it helped me to recognise when I was contracting the right muscles. It has really improved my stress incontinence and will certainly help you post delivery if you can master it prior to becoming pregnant. I was given it by my continence physio, I just had to pay £5. It was well worth it though. Good luck with becoming pregnant. Let us know how you get on.



My name is Aleksandra.
Im on Rebif since January 2020 and now im 5 weeks pregnant:)

My neuro told me that new studies showed that Rebif isnoley during pregnacy(in first 3 months, i didnt find information about next six months). I had two relapses in 2019 (before that 2016 first time i felt relaps).
Does anybody know information about Rebif in pregnacy?
i could really need an advice, becouse i have to decide about therapy.