Paxlovid covid antiviral meds

Evening all. I tested positive for covid on Wednesday and this afternoon have had some Paxlovid antiviral meds delivered. Has anyone on here taken these and how did you get on with them? Just a little anxious as it’s still quite a new med.

Spookily enough I was positive with Covid on Wednesday and have got exactly the same anti virals.
So far no other issues other than they seem to have given me the :poop::poop:’s!!
I was looking in this forum for exactly the same thing as you, I just googled it in the end but didn’t find any specific info. Good luck and I hope you get some useful info… I’ll be keeping an eye too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Ollie…x

Hi Ollie, covid buddies! :grin:
So far so good here. No upset tummy but I’ve got the yucky taste in my mouth that seems to be very common. Kind of metallic/bitter but I’ve found that some jelly sweets seem to take the worst of it away for a short while, or a sip of orange squash.
Good luck with it too. How have you been with covid? I’ve not felt too bad. My main symptom has been the aches and the headache really. Started coughing a bit this last two days but nothing too extreme! x

I took this medicine when I had covid and it made me feel even worse than the covid, my head felt like it was being split apart by a hacksaw extremely slowly. I stopped taking it after the 3rd day. Hopefully you will feel better with it soon.

The first symptoms I was aware of was in the night with a splitting/banging headache and a neck ache so bad I thought my head was going to fall off!!
I vomited 3 times as well which I just couldn’t make sense of. I thought it was my MS having some mega relapse which was really scary. I rang my MS nurse who felt I was under the weather with something, that then made me think I needed to do a Covid test, and I was amazed it was positive!! First time!!
Once the headache and neck ache eased up by taking paracetamol 4 x times a day everyday for 3 days, I ended up with a tickly dry cough and cold symptoms. My back has been in spasm from sleeping on a crap mattress this has caused me more discomfort than Covid. I think this is more of an issue with the mattress than my MS. Not feeling bad with the anti virals, I got 2 doses left and I’m going to keep taking them. I’m still testing positive.
Hope you’re soon feeling better.:crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::kissing:

Oh, sorry to hear that! Are you all recovered now?
So far just the horrible taste but I’ve now lost my sense of taste so the orange squash I was using to mask the taste I now can’t taste it! :roll_eyes: x

Oh, that sounds pretty rough! I’m really surprised at how well I’ve felt apart from the first two days. How are you this morning?
I’m now on day three of the antivirals and weirdly I’ve just lost my sense of taste. I feel well enough in myself. The aches and headache are still there very slightly but I’ve not had any paracetamol for a couple of days.
Seems a bit odd that I’ve got a new symptom when I’m halfway through the medication.
Still positive this morning and I’m due back in work tonight after a weeks holiday :neutral_face: x

Hello, I was given these anti virals in April. Had no side effects and started to feel better within hours of taken them. Prior to that I had been so tired, horrendous sore throat etc.