Patience is a virtue

I tell you what, I’m getting a bit fed up now. Still waiting for my Dr appt as he’s away a lot. Still not heard from MS nurse…deep breaths lol. Today I’m feeling still a bit drunk, balance and walking not great, vision playing up etc. I think the worst pain I’m getting is from my neck. If I put my head down it’s awful. It’s like pain, heat, electric shocks and aches all at the same time :s my sleep pattern is up the wall too. Bah!

Hello Beverly Is there no other doctor in the surgery you can see? I can book phone calls with my doc to talk things over, is that possible? You must be feeling really frustrated. Don’t know what to suggest, other than ring your surgery and explain how you are feeling. ((((((hugs)))))) Noreen

Yes I think that’s the way to go, thanks Blossom :slight_smile: the only reason I stick to my doc is that the others are, well, not great :s turns out, he’s the most popular ( no wonder there lol). I’m just grouchy as I’ve not had much reprieve from this relapse. I’ve decided I want a new head, like Worzel Gummidge ( that’s going back some), then I could have a thinking head! :slight_smile: xx