passing out/dizzy

hi guys.

just advice really

twice now once when i needed the toilet in the night and second when it was time to get up on a morning (even though i sit on the end of the bed t for a few minutes to make sure im okay to move)

ive had dizzy spells and both times ive passed out the first time i was on the way back from the toilet went dizzy missed the wall i use to help me walk along fell straight down through my children bedroom door but my legs didn’t bend and i went down straight woke the kids up and passed out only for a few seconds but my legs wouldn’t bend and then i wet myself so scary in front of my kids struggled to come around let alone bend my legs my 10 year old daughter helped me crawl to my bed when she lifted my legs and helped change my bottom half

the bruises i realised i had after i looked like ive been beat up

the second i knew i felt strange but not ill so sat on the edge of the bed for 20 minutes but still nothing passed i had to get up to get my kids ready for school!

oh my! i went for a wee even though i knew i needed one but nothing would come in seconds i went so hot ran my hands and face under the cold tap but i could start to feel the room go i went as quick as possible as my walking is poor i saw my bed and passed out as i was getting on the bed again i don’t think i was out for long but i felt heavy headed and strange when i came around and then i needed a number two but couldn’t control it

is this the things to come! im 43 single parent my kids still need taking to school life is so hard but on a good note the community nurse has gave me a commode (just incase) seeing my neuro next week been diagnosed in august with ms from my mri on my spine is this the things to come now im worried that could happen anytime not just mornings.


I understand how upsetting it is to suddenly have your body fail to do what it’s always done before. And it’s especially difficult when you have children depending on you.

I suggest that you keep a diary to show the neurologist next week. Also you need to ask if you there is a MS Specialist Nurse that you can been seen by.

And it would be a very good idea if you took a friend with you because it there will be a lot of complicated information in a short time. You won’t be able to take it all in and your friend can take notes while you listen.

Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes,


hello penelope

i have had several fainting spells and i know all about colourful bruised thighs!

it turned out to be low blood pressure that was causing it.

just started on iron supplements so fingers crossed.

also drinking lots of water helps.

follow anthony’s advice.

see if you can get any help with the children.

there may be another parent who can take them to school.

you can pay back the favour when you are more able.

honestly, you are just getting used to ms and it will get easier.

your 10 year old daughter sounds like such a star.

you are a star too, school age children are lovely but the whole kerfuffle of the school run is a pain.

you are doing a great job.

carole x

thank you both for your reply

im taking my mom with me as its quite a drive to the hospital i have to go to as my local hospital doesn’t seem ro deal with neurology

my kids are great! a big help with lots of things even around the house.

hope you are correct with low blood pressure!!! and can get some help about this.


Hi Penelope,

It could be low blood pressure that’s causing you to black out. Don’t expect everything that happens to you to be caused by MS. You could have your blood pressure checked at a local chemist rather than see your doctor or wait for the neurology appointment.

Or a form of vertigo, which could be MS related. Or even a UTI.

There are so many things that could be causing this, perhaps the best thing you could do is explain all of this to the neurologist and see what s/he has to say.

If you write down everything that’s happened, together with rough dates, you’ll be able to explain more fully when you see the doctor next week.

But if it gets any worse, then see a doctor sooner, blacking out isn’t something you should be ignoring, or waiting to have it looked into. So if it happens more frequently, or you black out for longer, think about going to A&E.