Passed Exams

Hi - I just thought that I would share some good news with you all - I passed my Level 2 Hairdressing in June - picking up certificate end of month - I was diagnosed in the first month of Level 1 but carried on regardless of probably not ever getting a job at the end it, but was just good to go out & go to college the last 2 years - I hope that anyone thinking of going to college evenings or full time for me anyway was worth it all (although sometimes I came home & swore I was never going back) but I must say my Tutors, Warrington Collegiate & all the other staff & students were the best, I mean they were fantastic with me & were always there to help & did all they could to help get me though the difficult times - so a massive thanks to them. So I would urge anyone thinking of studying anything new it is worth going to your local college & finding out what they have to offer - at the very least a bit of escape from day to day doldrums & meeting new people - I hope this helps in a small way. Good luck if you do it was worth it. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Congrats to you

A real testament to your positive attitude!


Many, many congrats for finding the stamina and tenacity to see the course through to the end.

It`s a shame you may not be able to find a job, which will take your health issues into account.

But you never know…you surprised yourself with your achievment, so maybe…

luv Pollx

ps. mine`s a perky trim, please, with a bright red overall colour and a black flash through the front. Are you ready for such rediculousness!!!

YEAY! That really deserves a fanfare of trumpets - bet you really feel good.


Well done you - and it may not be the case that you will not find a job. I have noticed in the salon I go to that some hairdressers do sit down when doing the back of hair so if you can stand for short periods and you find a sympathic employer, you might be ok. Keep that fighting spirit and you never know.


p.s. since Poll started it, I have naturally very straight fine hair with very little natural body. Would prefer not to blow dry - any suggestions other than shaving it all off. hehe