Partner acting recklessly

Hello. This is my very first post. My partner has MS. Had our first outing with it some 8 years ago, but then eventually diagnosed 2 and half years ago. That wasn’t a shock as we were just waiting for it to rear it’s ugly head. He was put straight onto tysabri, which has been tolerated very well for the last 2 years. The issue at the moment is how reckless he is with his health. The lockdown situation has sent my partner’s anxiety through the roof. So far I have spent the last 6 months fighting with him to stay safe, wear a mask, social distance etc. He’s shouting constantly at home over not being able to live a normal life, how all these measures are making our lives a misery. Other times he is crying about how the walls are closing in on him and the feeling of cabin fever. So far he has spent the last 4 days in the bedroom shut away. We have a young daughter who doesn’t understand what is going on. If I try to suggest he get some help, he threatens to leave us. Now he says he is going to miss his next 2 infusions as he knows it will make me panic that if he misses them, he may rebound. All I’m trying to do is to keep him safe. I’m also trying to keep myself safe as if I pick up COVID I have no help or backup with our daughter, keeping the house going as well as working full time. It doesn’t help that we get no family support. Either they believe that the virus won’t hurt them, plus have no appreciation for the damage it might do to my partner or they see him as inconvenience with MS being our problem, never giving him a chance to chat through how he is feeling or how he is doing. If you bring it up in their company they will change the subject or if you try to say how hard things are you just get “It must be difficult”… change the subject. It’s a lonely place. I suppose I want to know if I being too overbearing. Sorry for droning on.


It’s tricky because I have MS myself. My husband does his best to shield me and our diabetic son but does understand how battered my head his through lock down.

However yesterday we went for a meal in a local pub with a couple who we have been friends with for years.

The meal was OK - I was starving so i devoured it anyway. Had a few G & Ts to wash it down.

your circumstances are similar.

Could you try offering the same sort of outing on the proviso that he wears a mask, We wouldn’t have been served if we hadn’t been wearing masks.

I know it’s a loney place for us all.

take care, don’t forget to look after you because your partner and daughter need you to be healthy.

Hope everything works out for you and your family.

Carole x

Oh Circus baby!

You are going through a dreadful time.

MS + Covid+ your partner in a high state of anxiety and a young child + a family that wont even talk about your set of circumstances.

I do feel for you love.

This damned covid has wrecked so many people`s lives…it has taken so many of our loved ones and left the rest of us wondering where it will strike next.

I am struggling as to what advise to offer you. I wonder if your hubby`s GP can help?? Why not ring them and ask to speak to someone?

Sending you a virtual hug ( huuuuuug).


Thank you for your supportive messages. Life is slowly improving. It’s can go up and down. Hopefully soon there will be some light at the end of the tunnel. Deciding I must look after myself in order to be there for my family. Sometimes it just lovely to know I’m not alone in all of this.

Taken comfort in your kind words

Circus baby xx

You`re welcome chuck