Paroxysmal moments

Hi there, just coming to 3 months now since Dx and im back in remission which is great, as is me getting back to work.

I have been getting, which i now have understand are paroxysmal symptoms, where my speech mainly is hard for a few seconds, and slightly a bit with walking but this part is not to bad. From what ive read they often go away on there own, im now in the 3rd week of them although they have got milder and slightly less regular.

My question for anyone who may know is how long should i wait before asking for some medication ie. like Anticonvulsants (i have only read they can help well) or are these more for severe cases. Im very aware the internet can also give worst case senarios so any factual information would be appreciated.

Hi Henski, I can see that nobody replied to your original message, but I guess it’s because (as I was told) these type of symptoms are quite rare in MS. I’m not sure if I’ve reached out to you before, but I had the same symptoms back in 2005! I was admitted to hospital and was there for a 2 week stay. I had iv steroids as well as gabapentin or something similar (sorry was a long time ago and my memory is shocking). My symptoms were the stabbing head pain followed by the inability to control my movement on my right hand side and my speech was slurred, but these cleared up after 10-15 mins however, my coordination was affected as well as loss of taste and numbness in my face and mouth. I’ve not had it anywhere near as bad since 2005, but I do still get the sharp stabbing pains which come and go and I think stress is often a trigger like many other MS symptoms. How are you doing? Do you still get the same symptoms or have they changed like mine? I hope you are keeping well. Sharon x

Hi Henski

Contact your MS nurse for advice,

My nurse writes to my GP advising what to prescribe.

I have the MS hug at the moment and hoping for diazepam.

good luck, avoid stress, eat well, sleep well and drink gin!

Henski hasnt posted anything since Nov 2018…maybe he isnt here now


This post is 7yr old A lot of these 7 yr old posts keep appearing god knows why.

I did realise this post was 7 years old when I replied and if you read my message you would maybe understand why I replied to it. I commented because nobody else had and the symptoms she had are relevant to me also they are quite rare MS symptoms; I thought it would be good to bring it to the forefront in case others were experiencing similar symptoms. Sharon

Yes I did see Henski hasnt posted since 2018, but some of us only pop on when we are experiencing issues. I’ve also sent a PM. Thank you for your comment. Sharon

Sorry i thought you had not realised it was 7 yr old as they are always popping up.I understand why you answerd it, seen as they are rarer type symptoms.I think that’s why i hardly get any replies to my posts as when i have a relapse, no one has had symptoms like mine.Just now i am having a very bad one where my mouth and facial muscles are doing what they want, but i bet no one on here has same.

That’s ok, yes there are some strange symptoms that affect us, as well as the usual pins and needles, numbness, spasms, fatigue and many many more. I hope you get replies to your message. It’s not nice watching other threads have a lot going on while nobody responds to yours. I know what it feels like too. Someone will reply if it’s relevant even if it’s 7 years later like mine. ha ha Sharon x

Hope it helps.