Paper tax discs?

Hello all,

ive given in a bought a road scooter, I’ve filled in the appropriate road tax registration form but I wondered if anyone knows the answer to this question.

Is DVLA still using paper tax discs for class three mobility scooters? They stopped them for other vehicles last year and I’ve been all over the internet and haven’t found any answer.

anyone know?

You don’t get a tax disc to display. You will receive a v5 log book for your scooter with a registration plate number.

You don’t have to display number plates on your scooter either.

Enjoy your scooter


We do not get the paper disc anymore. l still keep my old tax disc on my Tramper - rather liked the fact that l was ‘road legal’.

Thank you both I thought it might be the case that all paper discs had been scrapped.