Palace theatre

We are off to the palace theatre to see me misrebelles not sure if that’s how it’s spelt . Lee, Frazer and me. I’m so tired I can’t say I’m really looking forward to it but I’m sure it will be good. Good old Aunty June my sister is coming to look after the kids . There big kids really in an ideal world they’d be okay left alone but Molly having autism and Ben not coping always cause of his aspergers means disaster if the 3 of them were left together. Izzy bless she’s 16 and very clever she’s no difficulties just a “normal” teenage but it’s too much for her to be left in charge. I’m just having a weepy moment , I got into a big argument with Molly yesterday she wants such a lot but needs so much support . I must be getting too old . It’s not bad having only 3 out of 7 children with effects of autism but combine with my disability I’m finding it hard . I think for the 1st time I’m worried about what the next few years will bring . I just have to stay calm and think of the quote " Do not be anxious over the next day , sufficient for each day is it’s own badness" I’m a big believer in God so I pray a lot and it does help and I have some fantastic friends . It helps having a moan , when it rains I try to look for the rainbows and there are lots of rainbows and plenty of sunshine in my life, despite the setbacķs Michelle and Frazer xx

Michelle, I know it’s not enough for me to direct you to the positives and your rainbows but you have a whole pile of people here on your side.

Best wishes, x woof.

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Thank you Steve, that’s a lovely thing to say. We decided to stay over at the premier inn, it was am impulse decision as the show ended late. Unfortunately Frazer got us up at 4 am with an upset tummy …we bought a bag of dog food from the local Sainsbury’s because id not brought his food. …not a good idea to change his food …The poor cleaners are now cleaning a mess which happened on our way down from the 1st floor . I wished our room was nearer to the exit, it’s a nightmare trying to squeeze a wheelchair and a poorly dog into a tiny lift . Manchester was surprisingly alive…even at 4.30 the place is busy. Let’s hope the drunks don’t skid in what Frazers done …it’s impossible to pick up liquid in a poo bag. Well I’m trying to catch another hours sleep nite nite. Michelle and Frazer xx

Michelle I take my hat off to all of you who have young children or those with special needs and are having to cope with both them and ms. My daughter is at uni so I only have myself and the dog to manage, and with him getting older he’s happy to go to sleep when I do when fatigue kicks in. Some nights I find it taking so much energy to cook for myself, clean up afterwards, have my shower etc, I can’t imagine where you find the energy to do all of that for a family. I’m sure I’ve had ms for a lot longer than I’ve had it diagnosed and I remember finding it very hard as I’ve been a single parent with minimal support for all of Jen’s life and I worked as a nurse at the time, but now with my symptoms and medication I know I’d struggle. You guys are fantastic, you have my respect. It takes someone very strong to do what you’re doing, so don’t let anyone tell you differently. And you need that time out Michelle, I’m sure your family don’t mind sitting with your children while you have it, it’s just a shame poor Frazer wasn’t well. I hope you enjoyed the show though. Cath x

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Hi Michelle I also take my hat off to you, I have told you lots of times that you are doing a fantastic job and shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. You and your hubby both deserve ‘time out’ to do something you enjoy, just sorry that Fraser was poorly for you, it has that same effect on Alfie when I change his food. Hope you enjoyed the theatre performance. Pam x

Thank you Cath and Pam , Fraser’s back to his usual self. The Theatre was brilliant, We loved all of the songs , Frazer enjoyed it too the lady sat in front of us loved dogs so he had plenty of fuss. There were a few guide dogs there too. The staff usually look after the dogs in the back rooms but Frazer always stays with me . He’s been to loads of performances including Harry styles I think he enjoys them as much as us . Michelle and Frazer xx

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