painkillers for aches and pains

Hi, i have only been diagnosed for a couple of months. i am now on tysabri infusions every 4 weeks but have only had 1 dose so far. I have awful aches and pains in knees, legs, back and shoulders! i just wondered what painkillers people use as paracetamol and ibuprofen do nothing!

if its neuropathic pain you need a neuropathic painkiller

i take several - gabapentin, tizanidine and amitriptiline

tizanidine doesnt go well with any alcohol, even a sip made me feel sick

amitriptiline make me sleepy so i take it in the evening

gabapentin hasnt had any side effects for me

good luck

carole x

how do i know if it isis neuropathic pain or not?

do you think its caused by ms?

anyway maybe your gp should be able to prescribe these for you. if he needs your consultants advice maybe he could write to them.

carole x