Painful skin

My elbows especially feel like tissue paper and could be ripped to shreds. When I check they are not red but feel red raw. My knees and legs sometimes but the elbows are the worst. Is this common or my dodgy body?

Hi Sarah,

When the myelin, which surrounds the nerves, becomes damaged, nerve signals get distorted and create a wide range of sensations. These range from a slight pricking, feeling of water in the skin, itchy, crawling sensation and severe pain.

I can’t tell if what you are feeling is part of this but they all come under the label of Neuropathic Pain. There are drugs to help called Gabapentin, Pregabalin and Amitriptyline. Ask your MS nurse, neurologist or GP if any of these, or something else, would be suitable for you.



Hello Sarah

Did not know that Anthony about the pain Thanks, learn something every day…

I have problem with both my ankles becoming itchy and really uncomfortable.

Went to see the NHS dermatology doctor who looked at them for a different problem and did me a prescription for a Dermovate cream it is called Clovate 0.5 mg/g cream.

Put a bit on them for a couple of days and the tenderness goes away. It returns a number of days later but it works, been using it for a couple of years. On my fourth tube.


Hi Sarah

My nurse prescribed me Amitriptyline to take at night as it makes me sleepy. I was having pain in my knees during the night and this has reduced it greatly. I’m sure if you call your MS nurse they will do something similar for you. Hope all gets sorted x

Hi Sarah, I have burny skin, all last night was one of those really irritating nights. When it is worse, I wear really soft clothes with all of the labels cut out, use several shower washes that were prescribed by the GP but you can get anywhere. I also oil my feet regularly then put socks on, sometimes I am not sure if they feel a bit dead or itchy so I give them a bit of massage and oil. Dermal 200 and aqueous wash used in the shower. Once a week I wash with a really soft oily shower wash then dry with a harsh towel, to stimulate some nerve response. Then if it is really bad like torture, I take a couple of anti-histamines. I know the problem is inside but all of these things seem to take the edge off a little. The anti-histamines knock me out so I take them on a day when I am at home. The GP says if it helps a little go for it as I can’t really put the brain or nerves right, but if it eases it then its worth it.

I have a blanket cradle in my bed this keeps the heavy duvet off my legs at night and i sleep so much better. It really worked for me.

Hi Sarah

Yes… the skin on my arms often looks like it has a severe case of sunburn and most of the time I can’t wear anything with sleeves. My legs and ribs are sensitive too and I mostly live in super soft pj’s or loungewear. And spend way too much of my time trying to find ones that are soft enough but that don’t actually look like I’ve just got out of bed !!

Thank you all for your replies, I am grateful for the tips. I’ve only been at this for 4 years and I still think I’m finding my feet!