painful right hand

woke up today with a very sore right hand which I suspect is osteoarthritis,

Been put in Tier 4.

It’s been snowing again.

Going to put today in the bin, the smelly one.

Should have stayed in bed.

In fact i think we should hibernate like the woodland animals, bagsy being the squirrel!

I like the idea of hiberantion. Maybe I would come out slimmer!

I take glucosamine to avoid arthritis. It has worked for 23 years…if your`s isnt set in, could it help you?

I know not everyone can stomach it.

Happy New Year dear Carole


Thanks Boudica

I was taking Glucosamine & Condroitin years ago back when I was a bit of a gym bunny, My knees sometimes were painful and always noisy (creaking and clicking).

It worked a treat. My friend used to give it to her huge dogs (St Bernards and Newfoundlands),

in fact one of the dogs was unsure of the tablets so Kath said “Watch! Carole takes them!” followed by “good girl Carole”.