Glutathione Supplement

I purchased this glutathione to see if it would help me recover more quickly from a nasty cold bug since it’s the mother antioxidant. What I didn’t expect is my right knee which has been in great pain for over 2 years since I injured it would quit hurting 100%. WHAT!? I had to google glutathione and knee pain to see if there was a possible connection as that’s the only thing I was doing different. It turns out it helps arthritis. I never considered my knee pain arthritis, I assumed it was just the result of a bad injury. I went to the mall with my daughter on her birthday and shopped for hours. Something that would have been very painful before. I was afraid to even say it aloud to my husband that my knee no longer hurt afraid it would somehow start hurting again. What I read is we only absorb a small amount of this when we take capsule form. I can’t believe how amazing it works considering. I must have desperately needed glutathione. I take first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with hot water and sometimes late afternoon. I’m still in shock. I hope, this review will help someone

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Thank you so much for this helpful post! :smiley:
I am looking into this immediately!..If not sooner! :rofl:
Elaine x

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wow i thought it was a pretty well known supplement for joints etc. Its in all my dogs food lol. well she has arthritis and it really helps her. Its sort of recommend for use for arthritis sufferers i believe, as my brother takes them.

Another good one is Turmeric and collegen as well.

I think its lovely by accident you may have found a product that can support the pain in your knee and make you feel better.

thank you for sharing it, as its good to see results of these supplements. x

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