cortisone injection for O/A in knee

I have osteoarthritis in knee ,which following repeated falls over many years ,has now become very painful. I had a cortisone injection in it this morning. It was painful at the time,but not so bad. It semmed to follow al my painful nerve pathways ,right up to my thigh and down to my toes.

Does anyone know if this is normal ? After having such bad pain for so many years I find it hard to believe in a quick-fix ,but want to be as positive as I can possibly be . Never say die !!!

Sorry forgot to say I have PPMS … Ha , how could I have forgotten that!!!

hope you have a non-painful knee for many weeks to come.

carole x

I had a bad shoulder due to a fall from a step ladder (I had MS at the time too, so what was I doing up steps???) I had physio for months but it never seemed to get any better. Eventually I had a cortisone injection into the joint - I walked out of the hospital with a completely normal shoulder and never had a twinge from it again - that was years ago so yes there can be a quick fix

I have been having steroid knee injections for about 5 yrs…twice yearly as my consultant is mean … some get 4 per yr.

They worked for me, fantastic first time …6 weeks pain free from OA each time they seem to last less time sadly.

Had them a week ago and trying to make them last by being careful…not doing as much on my feet.

Good luck with yours.

I am looking into the other types of knee injections now, to boost synovial fluid and cushion the knee joint.

Hi, my hubby has OA all round his body. He has a weekly injection of enbrel. But if the pain worsens he sometimes has a steroid jab, which really helps.


Thank you all for your comments.I had knee injection on monday,as yet I have no relief but I have been told can take a while to work …? I think that I may have torn ligaments as well. I need a scan to ascertain what damage there may be. But I have to see a consultant for that to happen ,I am on waiting list to see one ,so guess will just have to wait.