self medication qustion

self medication question

ive sufferd with my legs and other things for quite some time now, as many of us have! but i have always managed to make ajustments or change wot im doing, we all manage to adapt such fun NOT! ive never had any meds, but was oferd them some time ago, but chose not to, my legs now are driving me mad with aching and giving way! i do take cod liver oil tabs and eat a good diet,(i think) always have my weetabix and veg,not together mind!! but i have being take some tablets given to me by my mum!!

Glucosamine sulph 5 mg, im sure she still loves me, but not sure if i feel worse or not!!!

in antisipation,Julien

i took these when my knee was painful when exercising. this was before my ms.

this supplement helps build the bits needed in your joints.

one of those things that the body can’t get from food.

i doubt if it would have any effect on neuropathic pain, so its your choice.

carole x

As far as I knew, glucosamine is used to make the joints (knee, elbow) work better and combat arthritis. Mind you, like most supplements, i’m far from convinced this actually improves anything. I truly believe a well-balanced diet provides all the nutrients your body needs and there’s therefore no need for supplementation.

The only vitamin supplement I’ve known medical professionals to recommend is Vit D3 - and not everyone needs this!!

A blood test would soon tell you if supplementation was required, and your GP/Neuro would be able to tell you what vitamin levels to aim for !!

As ever, I’m sure further advice/info will soon follow.


Glucosamine is great for joints, ideally need to get the one with MSM & chrondroiten (sp?) I used to take it when I was at the gym twice a week - but like Carole says, I’ve never heard of anyone takng it for neuro pain though.

Sonia x

I’m not criticising your choice, but might it be time to reconsider prescription drugs?

I think, unless they’re lucky enough to have it very mildly, most people with MS go down the route of accepting something in the end. Why suffer more than you need to?

Supplements have their place, but as Carole says, I doubt they would treat the pain of MS. Glucosamine is aimed at promoting joint health in healthy people - not treating serious illnesses like MS. MS is not a joint problem anyway, so if you are insistent on avoiding prescription meds, I think you at least need to choose supplements that are supposed to support brain and nervous system - not joints. If they don’t want to take a whole cocktail of supplements, many people here choose vitamins D3 and B12 as the main ones. Neurologists are starting to recommend MS patients should be supplementing with D3. Magnesium is another popular one. But none of these are going to be a miracle fix for pain. You may well need prescription drugs along with them.


thankx all you guys, i quess its time for the meds. i was always concerned about sideefects and now i realise whydoh!! and feel prety stuppid rearly. thankx again,