Painful bladder

-anyone experience a painful bladder upon waking after having an alcoholic drink the night before? It feels like it cant take anymore and is about to burst?

Ive also found out once its emptied and bowel too the pain goes off. Wonder if its spasming?



Honestly, don’t know! My advice would be to ask a Doctor?


Hi Bren, I know alcohol & caffeine can irritate the bladder. I used to be a real coffee fiend but I can’t drink much anymore. Talk to your GP or ms nurse, they might recommend a bladder scan to check for infection etc Hope this helps Andy

Hi Andy,

Im due to see continence nurse in a months time as Im retaining fluid, bladder not emptying properly. I seem ok during the day drinking whatever I want, but have noticed bladder withholding. Maybe during the night my bladder is overfilling if there is such a thing and if its going into spasm then Ive got problems.

I think I shall be getting scan. Hopefully some answers too.

thanks for your advice regarding caffeine & alcohol. I shall have to stick to milk.