Hi my husband is in a lot of pain in his bum. The doc says its the never endings and he is on tablets. But still in a lot of pain. Just wondering has anyone else suffered pain like this. Thanks.

Yes I get pain in my bum too Lindah.

I find lying in bed helps and also I bought a recliner with memory foam, and find keeping my legs up helps a lot.

Whenever I can’t put my legs up the pain gets worse.

Amitriptyline helps but it’s also worth trying one ibuprofin plus one paracetamol. It’s a good combo and one that doctors and nurses use themselves.

Hope this helps.

Say hi to your husband and tell him he’s very welcome to come and join us if he wishes.

All the best,

Pat xx

I’m sorry to hear your husband is in pain like this. I sometimes get bad migraines and I would echo what Pat says - for these I often take one ibuprofen (200mg) plus one paracetamol (500mg), or two plus two if it’s really bad. As long as the doctor says that your husband is okay to take these painkillers, the combination might be worth a try. (Obviously there are things to note, e.g. you cannot combine ibuprofen with aspirin.)


yes i have had this since diagnosed, maybe try the paracetamol ibuprofen together


I get this too, I would have thought if your Dr thinks it’s nerve pain then he should try Gabapentin.

Nina ​

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