I am now always in severe pain, my arms and legs are continually hurting, I take co codemol and baclofen but these dont offer any relief at all, social worker is getting OT to bring a wheelchair and various aid[yes Im giving in, but enough is enough]can ayone recommend pain relief and also how do I get my mind around being in a wheelchair, I know you guys always give me good advise and for that I thank you all without you all I dont know what Id havr done, many thanks again

Tamadol(no good on me anymore) Butrans morphine patches in conjunction with Duloxetine, the ‘Sativex substitute’ and booze.Best not all together,but…

If THEY start bleating about the patches,addiction, blah blah try the magic words,“Quality of life”.If you can’t get Sativex, which is likely the Butrans are the only real option.

A world famouf ‘pain professor’ put me on this stuff for the nasty nasty pain in the soles of my feet, and when they run out of steam a Brain surgeon might be getting his tool kit out…

This is all serious gear,but reflects the state of my feet.


I am not sure why you think pain always goes along with a wheelchair? (use of which incidentally is not ‘giving in’ but just another method of transporting ones body if walking won’t do it!). They dont need to go hand in hand although I will admit that trying to move with crutches instead of my chair makes the pain worse, as does lots of other things

My pain saga is long and boring - I am on the list for spinal cord stimulation implant but I have had experience of every medication under the sun, which unfortunately dont work for me, though I still taking some of them.

The meds you are on dont’ always fit the bill for neuropathic pain which isnt spasm and you should give amitriptline and pregablin a try. Pregabalin is expensive and they dont like to prescribe it until you have given older generation ones like gabapentin a go first.

Morphine is unlikely to work for neuropathic pain so Woblyboy has been lucky.


Diclofenac, tramadol, amitryptaline, Gabapentin, pregabalin, carbamazepine, are a few I’ve tried and by far the most effective for me was carbamazapine. Unfortunately I had to come off it because they thought it might be causing my low White cells and platelets. The truth is that it is the Rebif which is the culprit. I may have to come off it. Anyway carbamazepine or Tegretol is a very good neuropathic pain killer so you might give that a go. Hope this helps. Roger PS. And what the others say is right about the wheelchair - it’s not giving in it’s just being practical. I hope you get some relief soon as I am currently suffering a new surge of sciatica and can sympathise.

What you need for pain depends entirely on what kind of pain you’ve got. Baclofen is a muscle relaxant - it’s not really a pain killer. Co-codamol is actually a pretty mild analgesic (unless you’ve got ones with a high codeine content) so it’s only good for mild to moderate pain. Neither of these will touch neuropathic pain. For neuropathic pain (like shooting pains, burning, freezing, broken glass, etc), you need something like gabapentin, pregabalin, amitriptyline or carbamazapine, etc. For migraine you need something different again (e.g. a “triptan”). For inflammatory pain you often need something different again (e.g. diclofenac). You certainly shouldn’t be relying on co-codamol!

You might find that getting your meds sorted out makes walking a bit easier so you don’t have to rely on your chair quite so much. Of course it’s better to keep walking as much as possible, but if using a chair means that you can have a fuller life, then don’t look back! I walk really well, but I can’t do it for very long. So I use my chair for days out, shopping, walking the dog, etc - it makes my life more normal. It’s not giving in, it’s fighting back!

Karen x

due to having a mum that always fained one illness after another, Ive got a seroius hangup about being ill, as I remember how awful my childhood was, but at the moment Ive got no quality of lifethe pains are so bad now that any walking has me crying in pain, Ive got tosee yet another dr on friday Ill ask about better pain relief, thanks all again, Ill continue fighting, if only for my 13yr old dughter