Pain or No Pain with Drop Foot

Hi everyone Hope you are all having one of our better days.

Just wondered how many of you who suffer with drop foot get pain with it too.

I’ve suffered drop foot for a couple of years with no pain but all of a sudden I am getting pain when the foot drops. Like a cramping pain.

Anyone else get this?

Thanks for any help and advice as always.

Shazzie xx


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Shazzie xx

Hi, foot drop can be painless and/or painful.

Mine causes an ache all the way up my leg. I like to have my foot stretched, as not walking is causing the underfoot ligaments to tighten.

Also, I sometimes get a pain in my ankle when my foot is lifted. Doc says it is due to foot drop.

All fun, innit?

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll.

Same pain as I am getting by the sounds of it. Ain’t we lucky???

And what has happened to the weather!!!

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Hi I have started to get pain on the top of my foot! It is always worse after sitting.

Moyna x

Hi Shazzie,

When I was diagnosed, I wasn’t even aware I had foot drop, as it was not so bad as to fall over, but I think I am probably swinging the leg outwards, to compensate.

I only found out when it was revealed in my notes from a physio assessment.

At first, I had negligible pain associated with it, but now, 2.5 years later, I have moderate to severe pain affecting the tops of both feet.

I do not know for sure whether it’s linked to foot drop, as Physio have failed to come up with any answers, but there does seem to be a problem with the muscles or tendons along the tops of my feet - the same ones that woud be used to raise the foot up.

It doesn’t happen only when the foot drops, though. It’s with me permanently - even lying in bed.



I’ve been getting drop foot for the past 5 years or so, but the only ‘pain’ it causes is when I’ve tripped over running and broken a finger or two (shortly before I was physically not able to run at all) or when I’ve fallen over climbing stairs or out shopping over raised paving stones, often resulting in scrapes, bruises and abrasions.

Best way to avoid the cramping pain is to do ankle stretches and regular exercises where you are not in danger: in other words anything that does not involve any running or much walking or stepping. Cycling, swimming and rowing are best; great ankle movers.

Hope it gets better for you.

Thanks everyone for your replies. Really helpful.

You all have a lovely day and take care.

Shazzie xx

I’m only just getting to grips with MS and trying to work out what are symptoms etc. I did have a bad fall and that led to my diagnosis but I’d not heard of foot drop before but I guess that’s what it is

I had noticed before that I can’t always point my toes on my right foot, I have to kind of semi circle my ankle to actually move my foot independantly at all (I must write this all down before I see the neuro again!) but because I do find my feet ache, I tend to wiggle them about a bit when relaxing in the evening… sometimes this gives me hideous cramp, it’ll actually feel like my foot is stuck in and unnatural position.

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed that my ankles really bloomin’ ache too. Quite often I have to take my boots off at work as they feel hot and achey.

I don’t get any pain when my feet aren’t picking up properly when I walk, it’s just the tripping/falling that hurts!

Sonia x

I have had drop foot for about 10 years but thankfully haven’t had any pain with it. 5 years or so ago, I got a SAFO (Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis) which has done absolute wonders for me. Before the SAFO, stumbling was a regular and often dangerous occurrence. Although I now also use 2 crutches to walk, I rarely stumble these days.

Hi I tend to get drop foot when I’m tired, trying to speed up, or overwhelmed by distance/I level ground. I don’t have pains in my actual foot, it’s my back! I tend to stiffen and arc my back, which I’m turn makes my walking even more odd! Does anyone else experience this?