Pain with Drop Foot ?

I have been suffering with drop foot for a number of months now. This morning I have had sharp pain in the ball of that foot when I walk. Does anybody who suffers with this, ever have similar pain please?


I get foot drop pain under the foot through the instep.

My physio gave me some splints to wear when seated with my legs up. The splints stretch the foot out, eliminating the curving pain.

I dont know if the same would apply to the ball of the foot.

Why not get a physio`s input, eh?


Thanks for your reply Polls. If it carries on I will have to go to GP as I am struggling to walk :frowning:

Marjie x

Hi Marjie

I have pretty bad drop foot on my right side. I don’t get pain with it, and never have.

If the pain doesn’t stop, maybe it would be good to see your GP. Or of course you could ask your MS nurse, assuming you have one. Or as Poll suggested, a physio.