Cramp in the ankle


I’ve got SPMS and one of the problems is drop-foot in my left leg. I was dignosed in 1995 and the rate of progress is v slow.

A couple of days I was woken up with the most excruciating pain in my left ankle. I think it must be cramp. Don’t really get in during he day. If I get out of bed and sit in a chair them I still get the cramp, my toes also seem to lift off the ground. The cramp reoccurs every few minutes

One of the results of drop foot is that I cannot tilt my foot so heel on ground but toes and ball of foot can be lifted. So far do not get the cramp when walkng and standing on my feet durng he day.

Has anyone had this cramp at night and how did they get round the problem?. At the momemt I’m only getting about 4 hours sleep a night - not good.

Anyone got any ideas how to et rid of it. I do take 200mg quinine at night ~& magnesium tablets


I belive this is part of MS.I get this with my left foot mainly,its like someone has got my toes and kind of twisting them,I cannot move them for a few minutes and it is like cramp only with cramp rubbing the affected foot helps with spasms/ridgidity it dont work.I get up and try and move around and it does then dissapear.I try to pull them to the right position and they will not move.

The pain in my ankles and feet in the mornings is due to spasms/ridgidity during my supposed to be sleeping hours,I get partial to full ridgidity during the nights and often wake with sore ankles,feet pointed and unable to put them flat to the floor.This also happens with my arms n hands…

I feel like I have flippers on when I rise in the mornings.

Amitriptyline and Baclofen for me,they help but not a cure.