Pain on moving eye

Hello… just a quick call for some reassurance really.

I have left optic nerve neuritis which I am yet to see anyone about.

This morning I woke up and when I look to the right with my left eye it feels like the muscle behind it is bruised.

I am jetting off to the Czech Republic for the weekend tomorrow morning… I’m ok to just ignore the eye yes?

HI MamaOwl

I had ON last October and the pain in my eye lasted for about 2 weeks, but did get worse before it got better. There’s nothing you can take to make it feel better I don’t think, so yes, I guess if you’re going away, just leave it as it is.

I would advise seeing someone about it though. It’s worth getting it noted on your files and your doctor really should see it. In some cases they prescribe intravenous steroids to bring the vision back quicker (although it doesn’t improve the end result, just speeds it up). I did ask for the steroid treatment as the unaffected eye has really poor vision, but they wouldn’t give it to me. So I’m guessing they don’t give it out often!

Hope this helps!

PG xx

Thank you… it wont explode in the plane then!? lmao!!!

I am waiting to see a specialist, GP sent the referral on the 14th April so it’s anyones guess when it will come through sigh

Nah, no exploding eyeball for you

Fingers crossed you get a referall soon! But we all know what the waiting lists are like!!

PG xx

Hi MamaOwl, When mine was really painful, was when they found the issue with my pupil reaction and the swelling of the optic nerve which confirmed to them despite no blindness that it was ON. This completely changed how the neuro viewed my symptoms. When. I went to follow up 6 weeks later, the signs had all gone. Has your hospital got an eye Aand E? Might be worth a visit to get your pain etc. documented for the neuro if you can. But in terms of flying etc, it shouldn’t affect it, and nothing the hospital or GP can do will make it better for you over the weekend. I was told that no painkillers work for it, but found that cocodamol certainly helped me cope with it, so maybe buy some to take to manage pain if you can take it. Leah :slight_smile:

ahhh only just reading this and I dont have time to go A&E now…

Can it wait until Tuesday or will all trace be gone by then?

Not sure of course, but I suspect that the signs will still be there in a few days. Looking back at your post it looks like you already know it’s ON so I assume you have been to an ophthalmologist and so they may well have already noted these signs. Just enjoy your holiday, and deal with it next Tues :slight_smile: Leah :slight_smile: