what shall I do now?

I was diagnosed with optic neuritis 14weeks ago and am still struggling. I have been back to the doctors several times as the pain is pretty bad and my vision although better than it was it now getting worse again. First time I was told by GP to take paracetamol (I had lost all vision in left eye) 2nd GP visit told to take ibuprofen 3rd appointment take double dose 4th appointment was at my 1st neuro appointment, she asked why I hadn’t seen my doc about it (now apparently have 15% vision loss in my left eye) she said go back to GP as it is not her speciality. 5th and last appointment just wait for scan results.

Is is this normal? My eye hurts and my vision is very blurry my head is constantly spinning and I have now fainted twice.

Thanks everyone

I think you need to go back as my understanding, and experience, of ON has been very different. I lost my sight in my left eye over a couple of days. I had eye pain when I moved my eye. Eye hospital were fab and diagnosed ON and wrote a letter for my neuro who I had an appt with the next week. He gave me methylprednisolone to speed up recovery time (it doesn’t change the final outcome). My eye started to improve after five weeks. I’m now 4 months on and have recovered a lot of sight albeit not like it was but they explained it can take up to a year to find out what the final outcome is. I do have some optic atrophy which is permanent. I’m not sure that you still be in pain. Hope you get seen and get some good advice. Good luck x