Safe to fly with optic neuritis?

Hi all,

It’s me again banging on about optic neuritis! I had it in right eye, now it’s started in left, I can still see enough to do work on computer and to drive, it’s incessant but varies in severity. I know patience is a virtue and I’ve already had steroids for right eye a few weeks ago so they weren’t keen to give me more.

I’m super lucky in that heat doesn’t make the rest of my symptoms worse and I’ll take my chances with the vision when I’m on hols. (If it’s terrible then I’ll have tried Spain and I’ll know not to go again if it becomes unmanageable).

I’m just about to book Canaries for Scottish October hols. My main question - is flying safe with optic neuritis? Nobody has flagged it and I have asked MS Nurse if it’s safe to go on hols and she’s never mentioned it being a problem.

Any experience/advice much appreciated xx

Hi Leenie_77 I habe optic atrohpy (secondary to optic meuritis as it progressed) and i fly all the time. I just use common sense ans the people i am with look after me. I also tell the air hosteses and airport staff if i feel uneasy and they are very good. The one thing i do struggle with when going away with ON/OA is not the flying but the insurance. If you have ON/OA travel insurance goes tbrough the roof! I am going away next week amd it will be the first time sinse the progression and the only thing im dreading is the increased cost of insurance. Enjoy your travels :slight_smile:

Hi lozzylou,

Thank’s for your reply, so sorry you have vision problems too, but I’m glad you’re getting out and about and travelling. I double checked with the MS Nurse also and flights are now booked. I believe some insurance companies do take the mick, my friend who has MS gave me a note of companies who are quite good. Will do a wee shop around first!

Of course heat makes vision worse but MS Nurse thinks that once the heatwave stops here my vision should improve. It’s terrible getting worse so having a week off work as it frustrating, I’m a graphic designer so you can imagine how that’s going on screen!

They not keen to give me steroids again so soon (had them in March and they solved my right eye) but if no difference after say a month I’m going to ask for them. Both eyes are affected and it’s murder! I know you know.

My neice is also undergoing tests for MS so while we are still able and I’m still working so can afford it, we’re going to Gran Canaria for a week to also take her little daughter my great niece. I know heat thankfully doesn’t affect rest of symptoms except eyes, will be fine I’m sure and no surprise if does make eyes worse.

Thankyou again and take care :slight_smile: xx

I have optic neuritis I live in mainland Europe but fly to Scotland and never had a problem with the ON enjoy your holiday.

Thankyou :slight_smile: Ah you’re flying to the best place, I live in SW Scotland :D… I’ve booked for Gran Canaria in October to take my nieces.

I recently took a week off work to try and rest, but I feel as bad as ever and my vision has now deteriorated to as bad as it was in the first place in March. That said at least I know it’s not down to the heatwave as it’s much cooler and eyes have got worse. Think it’s just going back to rubbish vision because it wants to. I visited eye doc, he’s very good, he said the nerves not inflamed any longer and I can see the letters on the board just about and can see the colours in the flip book.

Maybe I shouldn’t have got steroids in March, it just pretended I had normal vision again for 4 weeks then back to this, a cruel joke! Anyway what will be will be, thanks mate, enjoy your time in my homeland :smiley:

I doubt whether it will be a problem unless you are piloting the aircraft, but your MS nurse/neurologist will be your best guide.

Do make sure that your travel insurers are aware of anything they need ot know for you to be covered for any problems you might have when away, however. If your MS is being active at the moment, as clearly it is, yo don’t want to take any chances on that. No use paying the premium if they can get out of paying up on the grounds of non-disclosure, however unintentional.


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I have optic neuritis in my right eye, and I learnt to fly 5 years ago smiley


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That’s the spirit, Dan! ‘Spirit of St Louis’, perhaps?



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Dan Dared!!


Alison - close, the plane I learnt in was christened the African Queen :slight_smile: If anyone fancies it, google Flying Scholarships for Disabled People. I never had any desire to learn, it was a symbolic thing for me, because I never thought I could do something like, even if I didn’t have MS. One of the best things I ever did, I’ve a lot more confidence as a result.

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Awww so glad you got everything sorted and booked a holiday yay :slight_smile: have an amazing time! Funny you should memtion about heat. I have just come back from turkey and it was the first time ive actually ever been affected by heat. Lucky in Turkey you can still buy sterois OTC so i just stockes up on day one lol :slight_smile: Im so sorry to hear about your niece. I shall keep everything crosses tbat she doesnt have this horrible disease. Enjoy your hols :slight_smile: