Hot weather or computers affecting vision?

Hi all, I was diagnosed with optic neuritis in March, got steroids, it got worse a few days then it was near back till 100% from end March onwards.

However since the beginning of this month it’s worsened again by the day and it’s constant - patchy vision, floaters, light thingies. I was always under impression once you cooled down that the symptoms should calm themselves. I can’t do any more to keep cool than I’m doing!

Rang MS Nurse other week she said it’ll just be heat. Saw eye doc he couldn’t have cared less to be honest and said the nerves weren’t inflamed (I never got my really nice usual guy and this crabbit guy missed my nerve being inflamed in first instance early March). So if nothing inflamed then why on earth do I have such severe symptoms?

Is it just because it’s still relatively new that the heat will be making it flare up and maybe by autumn it’ll calm itself?

Also - does computer work do optic neuritis any harm? As in could it be my fault it’s got worse again? I work part-time as a graphic designer but because I’m freelance I only had one week off (when I had the steroids).

Going to ring MS Nurse tomorrow again. Should I or can I ring eye clinic back and ask for my usual wee chappie? (I love him, hes like Mrs Brown without the skirt on!)

I just thought it got better and that was me, confused as to why it’s turned bad again.

I hope you’re all not too bad in this weather. Take care folks xx

Hi Leenie,

Working at a computer screen will have no effect on your optic nerve whatsoever. The nerve’s function is to transmit the images from each eye to the brain. It’s designed to transmit electrical signals and that’s all it does.

Whatever is causing your symptoms it’s not the computer; unless you strain the muscles around the eyes or get dry eyes.

Best wishes,


Hi Anthony,

Thankyou that’s put my mind at rest a bit. I’m tempted to take a trip to somewhere cold just to see if it is the heat! I do get dry eyes but since diagnosed optic neuritis I use eye drops and they are great.

I know most medics say it’s optic neuritis you just have to let it run it’s course. But nowhere does it mention it can get near 100% then within a few weeks greatly worsen again.

I’ll speak MS Nurse again in first instance tomorrow. Thankyou again x

The heat can be a right pain.

My vision has always suffered in the heat as have a lot of my other symptoms.

I saw a consultant ophthalmologist who was very thorough but declared there was little he could do. Then it was significantly improved when I went onto Citalopram anti-depressants.

The optometrist said that my distance vision had returned to normal but because the medication relaxes the muscles in the eyes, it can go either way.

Computers don’t help!!!


Hi Steve, sorry to hear you’re suffering too and the heat affects oher symptoms.

I’ve spoken to MS Nurse again and because I had steroids fairly recently they wouldn’t want to give them another go. Fair enough, they’re horrendous side effects anyway! And that it may not be a straight line to recovery and will still get ripples of symptoms.

The thing is if my left side wanted to continue playing up it can do, I don’t need that to do my job properly I do it sitting down and I’m right handed! It’s still not right either but it’s in working order mostly, the heat never has made any difference to left side use or mobility issues.

I’ve got this eye patch that slips over glasses and she advised to alternate it regularly throughout day so as not to strain the one eye. By doing this I realised that it’s definitely in my left eye too. So I guess it’s now going for that eye, it’ll maybe get a bit worse then it should improve.

Think using computer just highlights it when backgrounds are white and helps make eyes more painful. I know when my right eye was at it’s height after doing a days work it was loads worse. But for about 2 months after that first bout to my right eye, I had near perfect vision and computer made no difference.

I’ve not choice but to keep working being freelance, I’m more like staff in the office of main client and the workload is incessant beyond the joke so have to crack on!

I hope your vision improves soon mate :slight_smile: x