Pain In Right Side

Hi all ,

I have been experiencing pain in my right side from my arm pit. Sometimes it feels like it’s going down my arm and into my back .
This is the side where all my ms symptoms tend to be but the doctor is sending me to the breast cancer clinic and now I’m freaking out .
I’ve had the ms hug before and that felt more like pressure and numbness than actual pain .
Is this anything anyone else has suffered with?
Thanks in advance,

Hi, just seen your post which hasn’t been replied to, so I didn’t want to whizz by.

I wonder if the pains are from muscle strain or trapped nerve?
I guess your doc is covering all bases. Has he felt any lumps in that area…or have you?

Sending love and best wishes for a good outcome

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Thanks for your kindness . Doc has felt some ‘thickening’ :woman_shrugging:t2:Xx