Pain has reduced me to tears today...

Group hug please? I’ve been reduced to tears twice today from facial pain. I called the 111 service who told me to see a GP within 6 hours. When I called they said they were fully booked and put me on ringback. When I spoke to the nurse (eventually) she said 'we’d better get you seen so now I have an appointment this afternoon and my brother and aunty are stars for babysitting and running me there respectively. I have a cold which turned into blocked sinuses, now they’re clearing but I have the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my head and not sure if its infection or nerve pain or both. Just on the left from jaw to eye. I’m trying to distract myself. Paracetamol (maximum dose) has dulled it very slightly but its still enough to make me cry. My brother gave me a lovely head massage and I’ve one hour until I can take any more paracetamol. Trying to eat to soothe my rumbly tummy but not so easy. Help?

Oh no poor you. Big gentle hug Ax

Cold pack? Heat pack?? I really feel for you. Pain is exhausting, even if the pain isn’t too severe. Focus on the good… the family support… the GP appointment today. Hopefully they can help, maybe give you something. whether or not it is nerve pain or infection, both can be hideously painful. Weird but i find calpol six plus better than actual paracetamol tablets?! Goodness knows why. Probably the additives… chin up… or not, as that might hurt more!! But you know what i mean xxx

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain :frowning: hopefully the GP will be able to prescribe you something to take the edge off and you will start feeling better soon. Maybe worth trying some ibuprofen? Always works better for me than paracetamol. Sending you healing thoughts, let us know how you get on? Lx

Sending hugs!!! I too have suffrred with this pain twice, so I know how you are feeling. Mine was the same jaw to eye and down my neck on left side. I ended up in a&e the pain was that badi thought my head was going to explode they did all routine tests all came back clear… they put it down to nerve pain and prescribed tramadol for pain… which took pain of within about 20mins… Paracetamol did nothing for my pain or nurofen… I sympathize with you… hope your feeling better soon… Vickie x

Massive hugs for you. I really hope you feel better soon xxxx

Thankyou lovely folks. I knew I could count on you to make me feel a bit better. I’ve steamed myself in Olbas oil, which helped briefly. I don’t take Ibuprofen as it contains aspirin and I’ve avoided aspirin for years though not sure why, maybe a reaction in childhood. Calpol 6+ eh? My daughter is only 5. Oh well. Not too long to wait now. Gave up watching TV as I couldn’t concentrate. Typing this in bursts. Becoming light sensitive (what strange creature am I turning into???!!!) I will certainly fill you in when I get back. In the meantime, I’m hanging around here for a bit. Thankyou all :heart:

Sending you an enormous hug. Facial pain seems to hurt more than anywhere else, I think. Let’s hope it’s something to do with the cold, as then at least it will go away. I have nerve pain pretty much everywhere except my face (though sometimes my eyeball!) I count myself lucky.

Let us know how you got on.


Hope you feel better soon. What a lovely brother to have!! ((((((Hugs)))))) Noreen

Hi New to this so don’t really know where or how to start have not been diagnosed with anything yet but have been referred to a neuro who I am seeing next week. For 6 weeks now I have been getting gradually more tired and weak my legs hurt climbing stairs shake when they are raised cramp when I stretch I am beginning to think they are going to give up on me. In addition I have pins and needles stabbing sensations that make me jump. My arms go weak when drying my hair holding a mirror up to do my make up my GP is very good but doesn’t even hint at what may be wrong so I am left symptom checking and getting worked up the reason I posting on this feed is that 3 days ago developed eye pain which is just subsiding I had blood test and my inflammatory markers are up. Can someone please tell me what my symptoms could be MS or otherwise? O should mention I also have APS (hughs) thankyou xxx

Saw GP yesterday who diagnosed Sinusitis and prescribed antibiotics. He was sympathetic to my question about nerve pain though. I’m still wondering if its both as even strong paracetamol hardly touches it. Now eyelid half closed and light sensitive. Thanks to my amazing brother and equally amazing friend we got littl’un to school, I saw her Christmas play. Now friend ordered me to bed and will do next to school runs for me. That woman is getting chocolate! Right, need miso soup and rest. Thanks for your support xxx

Hi Reikiblossom hope you feel better soon. Sinusuitis is horrid so big hugs. I just also wondered whether you were I migraine sufferer - I maybe going off tangent but droopy lid and photophobia and sinus can sometimes be associted with cluster headaches. See how you are once the sinus has cleared and there’s no infection but it’s just a thought. I could be completely off track.

Most importantly lots of est, take it easy keep warm, painkillers and cuddles.



So sorry you’ve been feeling so rough. Really hope you’re feeling better soon xxxxxx

Thanks Reemz and Purpledot. Yes, I do get migraines but rarely, usually. Am going to get in touch with doctor again as the pain is putting me off eating and I’m not sleeping well either. Painkiller says every four hours but only seems to work (partially) for the first hour and a half. A friend took litt’un to school and hubby will be able to pick her up on his break. Thanks for the well wishes. I believe they really do help xx

Reikiblossom, have you considered accupuncture?

I used to suffer with both migraines and sinus problems, the sinus problems would make the migraines more frequent and I was desperate to try to make it stop.

I’m terrified of needles so accupuncture seemed like drastic action and it was the best thing I’ve ever done!

I saw the GP who does it recently for my MS (leg spasticity specifically) and he’s happy to treat me monthly for that… sadly, it didn’t work out so well.

BUT just to make you giggle & proof that accupuncture does work - I got the usual warning it might make symptoms worse before improving… well, when I left the doctor my legs were SO shaky, even with a stick, the receptionist offered to help me walk out of the surgery!

I’ve seen my sinuses on my MRI and they’re a shocking mess but I’ve not had an infection since starting accupuncture (which is about 12 years ago now) and migraines are really rare now :slight_smile:

Good luck

Sonia x

Sonia - I’ve had acupunture before for something different (which it sorted very nicely) but have no funds at the moment nor am I able to go anywhere… My lovely brother called out a paramedic for me yesterday as the pain was so intense and the painkillers didn’t seem to be shifting it. I could have gone in to hospital yesterday if I’d really felt the need but by the time the paramedic had checked me over I began to feel a bit better and reassured. I still have a droopy eye, am very light sensitive (phone screen turned way down) and am managing to eat a bit and rest today. If the intense pain comes back I now have the advice of the paramedic to act on. I think I just need to give the antibiotics a bit more of a chance. Ok, enough screen staring. Time for shuteye x

Have had to call the out if hours service today and will be seen by a Nurse Practitioner later today. My eye is swollen and not moving properly and I’ve developed a numb patch in the top left of my palette at the back. This infection is taking ages to clear and there is a possibility I may have to go to hospital. Rubbish timing. I wonder if it is just a nasty case of sinusitis or if some neuro symptoms are joining in the not-fun. Next mission: eat a banana.