Pain by stealth

Hello and seasons greetings to everyone.

My old friend Bob, who’s no longer with us, used to say “Condiments of the season.” I never did reply with a comprehensive list.

When you get the initial twinges in the lower back, you can easily dismiss it as, well a twinge. But then over the course of the next couple of weeks, it keeps nagging; irritating yet ominous, like a wasp in your ear. Any increase in pain leads to denial of the gradual onset of the dreaded bad back. Well yesterday it jumped out from behind the door and shouted “BOO”. I yelled back as the sciatic style pain I experienced pulled sharply on a nerve ending.

Note to self; if I drop anything from my wheelchair, use the grabbers and don’t lean over the side to pick it up.


Hi Steve

Seasons greeting to you and everyone.

I know that sharp pain in my back only too well, sometimes even takes your breath away where it’s so bad, so I empathise with you.

Good idea there…always use your grabber…I must try to remember that.

Pam x