Pain after gym

Hi all :blush:

I was diagnosed with rrms 3 1/2 years ago after some minor symptoms.
I have had 2 doses of Lemtrada & so far no further episodes.
I go to the gym regular & lift weights aswell as doing cardio.
In the last week or so I have been experiencing muscle / ligament pain doing my regular exercises which continues for a day or so. I am also experiencing fatigue & wanting to sleep a lot.
Does anyone have any experience of this? Should I rest from the gym for a while or push through? :thinking:

DO NOT rest completely - that was the mistake I made :cry:

I never got back into it and the illness took hold. Granted, I’d been misdiagnosed for years but was able to do HIIT, bootcamps and weights for years. I put the back pain and occasional leg numbness down to trapped nerves or over-exertion.

I would recommend accepting your condition and start to scale back the exercise. I even tried ceroc dancing as an alternative (not me at all!). Pushing through will soon become a non-option too. Strike a happy medium :+1:

There has been some interesting research on dance with Parkinson’s. I think it may be similar to singing for stuttering. Tried moving in a curve at exercise class before lockdown and convinced myself there might be something in it. Used to find adding ankle weights helped with walking (over short distances).
Probably works on proprioception.

Thanks for the advice, im going to scale it back a bit, but not stop (I couldn’t for me mental health :pensive:)