Diagnosed with rrms some advice needed please

A few of the main muscle groups have decoded to go AWOL during last relapse and this relapse. I’ve been advised by neuro to rest as much as possible. My legs are heavy and stiff when I get up then they get going but get tired quickly and the muscles feel like they’re burning. I used to be a champion dancer and I feel like I’ve done a championship doing very little things. The neuro says I’ve had to 2 nasty relapses and that I hadn’t really recovered from the first. It’s a bit of a long story I apologise now. I had a baby in April then left my husband in May he moved out in June I started getting really cold feet and like pins and needles phoned nhs 24 they said to see gp he wasn’t too concerned at that point. Then during the next few weeks strange things happened like my arm went completely numb other doc said hyperventilating due to stress and my muscles would burn for a few hours but only happened when I went to tesco or met people who asked about the marriage breakdown. Then my ex moved out and a week later my right side stopped working couldn’t write had drop foot my arm felt like there was nothing there. Gotput on diazepam because I was ‘stressed’ that did nothing to help then gp stepped in a month later and admitted me to hospital had ct scan lumber puncture and put home. To wait for MRI scan. Got the scan 3 weeks later was on steroids the next week treated as cis triggered by child birth. Things kept being strange but got told to get on with it fast forward to November had been pushing myseld was exhausted and woke up feeling really drunk staggered down the stairs it was my dog that got me up. Phoned mum in the morning to come and get me got admitted to hospital double vision my legs and arms were burning when ever I moved and my face looked like I’d had a stroke. Put on steroids straight away and told ms they did loads of prodding. This last week I’ve been feeling tired and stressed left side burning def weakness in left side I’ve started extavia injections I’ve a uti, sinus infection/cold thrush on my tongue from antibiotics. Santa is coming my muscles are aching they work when they feel like it. Can relapses last ages? X sorry for the ramble there is more to the story but I’m knAckered writing it. One other thing I’ve hardly any reflexes has anyone been similar thanks em x

Hi Emfraserburgh, its sounds like you have had an awful time and all that stress in your life with your ex. Yes in my experience my first and only mega severe relapse lasted about 4 months, so you can have relapses that last ages. Sometimes it probably can take a while for a persons nervous system to calm down from a relapse, especially if stress, anxiety, lack of sleep all are playing a part in the relapse. In my case they did. I would say if you can now is the time to take stock and focus on getting good rest and sleep, think about anxiety and stress management - even small things like listening to relaxing music, self massage. Also eating well, all these are important so the body can heal. Take care of yourself x